Tokyo Fish Story

Playwright: Kimber Lee
Venue: Old Globe Theatre
Starring: Starring: Tina Chilip, Tim Chiou, Raymond Lee, James Saito & Jon Norman Schneider,
Credits: SETS: Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams; COSTUME: David Reynoso; LIGHTS: Jiyoun Chang; ORIGINAL COMPOSITION: Nathan Roberts: SOUND DESIGN: Charles Coes and Nathan Roberts


Immersive—rich in atmosphere and plenty entertaining!

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Vivid Performances! Such a pleasure to watch—the acting is so uniformly fine!

Talkin Broadway

Beautifully executed! Charming and uplifting!


Director May Adrales and her crack team create an environment we can totally believe in, even when it’s a dreamscape. Kimber Lee has an excellent ear for language and its musicality. The characters and their relationships are intriguing and wonderfully portrayed.

KSDS Jazz 88


Tokyo Fish Story Theme - Nathan Roberts