What a week! Last Sunday- reading of Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone; Tuesday and Wednesday – workshop of Imani Uzuri and Zakiyyah Alexander’s Girl Shakes Loose Her Skin; design meeting with Mikiko Suzuki for our production of In The Next Room and design meetings

Top right: Zakiyyah Alexander, Jaime Lincoln Smith, Mckenzie Frye, Imani Uzuri, May Adrales & Nikiya Mathis. Next: rough model of In the Next Room at Syracuse Stage by Mikiko Suzuki; Next: Reading of Vietgone at SCR: Rodney To, Raymond Lee, Paco Tolson, Qui Nguyen, May Adrales, Maureen Sebastian & Jackie Chung. Next: rough preliminary model of Five Days Till Saturday by Hui Chen; Next: Rehearsal for Vietgone: Maureen Sebastian, Paco Tolson and Jackie Chung.