Every aspect of the show is refined and specific: the acting is snappy, with no emotion or movement wasted, the lighting and scenic elements create elegant stage pictures, modern and understated.

Kudos should be given to May Adrales for directing a stellar production.

Director May Adrales keeps the production moving, and brings out the humor and cleverness in Hwang’s script.

It’s a very neat play about a very tangled subject, and director May Adrales’ production at Portland Center Stage, with its whirling scenery, crisp performances, and brisk pace, is solid.

The show, directed by May Adrales, is as smooth as its revolving scene changes, capturing a brittle and deftly timed presentational comic edge in its performances and navigating the tricky shoals of its bilingual text (about a quarter of the dialogue is in Mandarin, with English supertitles) without an apparent hitch.