From NYC, SF, Atlanta, Saigon, Arkansas to Dubai

Top: Vietgone reading at VAALA. New play by Qui Nguyen, commissioned by South Coast Rep; MIDDLE: Five Days Til Saturday devised by Qui Nguyen, May Adrales and NYU MFA acting 2015; Bottom: Girl Shakes Loose Her Skin workshop at the Lark Play Development Center, music by Imani Uzuri, book by Zakiyyah Alexander based on the poetry of Sonia Sanchez.
Busy few weeks! Early November i did a workshop of GIRL SHAKES LOOSE HER SKIN, a powerful, soul shaking new musical about an overeducated black girl learning how to overcome who she is supposed to be to be what she is. A journey into a woman's soul as she traverses New York to Atlanta to San Francisco. An amazing piece of theater with music by Imani Uzuri, book by Zakiyyah Alexander based on poetry by Sonia Sanchez. Look out for another iteration at Joe's Pub in February.

I then recently opened and closed a new play devised by Qui Nguyen, myself and the NYU MFA acting class of 2015 titled FIVE DAYS TIL SATURDAY. Dragons, Y2K panic, savvy late 90s hip hop and yes that IS a large floating head of Matthew McConaughey circa Dazed and Confused.

Most recently, I directed a reading of Vietgone by Qui Nguyen at New Dramatists and also South Coast Rep. Summed up by the playwright, it's a sex comedy about his parents. And no, you can't tell them he wrote it - seriously don't tell his parents. . It's a romantic comedy. Yet it's set in an uncertain scary time just after the fall of Saigon in a refugee camp in Arkansas. and oh yeah, there is a big motorcycle road trip, a fight sequence and a romantic montage set to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Now currently taking a break in Dubai. See you in a few weeks!